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Video 3: The Dragdrop Method

No-Cost Chatbot Training 

Have you ever wanted to learn messenger bots for Facebook?

Have you thought it was to hard to do so you did give you all?

Have you thought you didn't have time to build a messenger bot?

Have you ever wanted an extra edge on your business or to develop a new skill?

Have you ever wondered how others were having such great success on Facebook?

If you answered "YES" to any one of these questions then you owe it to yourself.

Now it's time for you to crush all that doubt & take action over just six days, people that have gone through this training have been amazed at what they can do.

Crazy value for zero $$$...Enjoy!

It only takes 4 days & you'll be building integrations that save you time & money, start getting amazing results.
Soooo much value for zero $$$...Enjoy!

No-Cost Zapier Training 

If you wondered how to integrate one software to another one the Zapier is the glue for business automation.

If you think it is hard then relax, we make things super easy to understand.

Save yourself time & money using automation & doing it yourself.

Develop a new skill.

Tie systems together to work when you sleep, work when you spend time with your 24-hours a day.

No-Cost SEO Training 

The forgotten art of SEO.

The organic way to get traffic, to build an audience, to learn who your tribe is.

Doing Search Engine Optimization to be able to rank higher can save you tons of money.

The results of SEO help your results last 10x longer than any paid traffic on average, in most cases even longer than that.

Being able to do your own SEO the proper way is a rare skill.

 Often overlooked by most, not the successful though, they know how important it is.

Start using one of the best skills around for building brands, saving money, having a long standing organic growth.

Learn To Make The Engine Search For You...Enjoy!

Using email automation with other marketing mediums to communicate with your ideal customer or client is ideal in this day & age.


No-Cost Email Training 

So...Email Marketing is dead?

Actually, it never left.

Just the way you do email marketing did, there are much easier & better way to do things now.

Ways to save you time, ways to save you money, ways to save you headache.

Using automation is important but not just any automation.

 Using these email automatons in a certain way, please proper tracking & getting people into your network.

IMPORTANT...Watch The ENTIRE Video Below

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I want to introduce
The Inner Circle

Just $250 Only $37 a Month....

That's only $1.24 a day 

To Join, To Grow, & To Start Winning!

If you want to join a Great Opportunity at an Extremely Low Cost.
With no up sells just a boat load value! 
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  • Inner Circle Weekly Live Q&As about anything marketing  - Designed to be the most up to date current system to learn from because we interact with live data weekly.
  • Messenger Bot Mastery Course - Full Course with all of our successful bot templates. ..Get Access Now!
  • Zapier Mastery Course - From knowing nothing to automation expert....Get Access Now!
  • Facebook Ads Mastery - An In-depth system to show all of the secrets that were kept quite....Get Access Now!
  • Staying Productive - Fighting the battle of the vital few & the trivial many so you can be your best.....Coming soon
  • The State Of Search Engine Optimization - How to rank websites the right way without any bs.
  • Having The Clickfunnels Edge - What it takes to make sales funnels to have a winning formula....Coming Soon.
  • Mastering Email Automation - Your email marketing guide for communication.
  • And More
"I gotta give a quick shoutout to my man Shane Welcher for all the amazing  strategies. After implementing his stuff, I started finding my marketing efforts paying off double! So pumped to be part of this group, & so grateful for all the advice & help!"

- Erick Silvo
"Had an awesome chat with Shane Welcher today about optimizing  my bot, along with improving my overall digital marketing strategies.  

Super excited to start implementing everything he shared & seeing what everyone else in the group is up to. BIG THINGS ahead for us!!!"

- Brian Taylor
"If you guys wanna learn about marketing, Shane is your guy. I am so glad that I found him a couple of months ago. His course on chatbots is the most thorough courses I've ever purchased (and I've purchased a lot). 

The way he breaks it down allows even someone with zero tech skills to  be successful. And the best part is the strategy he gives. While originally all I wanted was a welcome message bot, now I have bots for lead generation, ads, sales, onboarding to my programs & more

Every time I get stuck, Shane has supported me. My business is going to  new heights this year & Shane has been a huge part of that success."

- Melissa Ghrist Ricker

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